i-SAFE presents Sock Puppet Nation™.  This is a great way to learn about e-Safety.  You must be a subscriber to i-SAFE’s e-Safety curriculum to get the full benefits of this site.  Click here to get started:  SUBSCRIBE

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3rd-6th Grade (Optional 7th Grade)


You will have an opportunity to join the very fun and silly world of other sock puppets.  Why sock puppets?  First of all, they’re adorable … and secondly, it allows you to socialize online in a safe manner when communicating through your puppets.  Sock Puppets are easy to make and are a real world, organic version of avatars that you may have already used on other sites.


Currently, our impressionable cotton hosts have no names.  Why?  Because we need students to help create the “Sock Puppet Nation”.  For right now, we’ll call them Puppet “X” and Puppet “Y”.

Puppet “X” is a wise-cracking, fast talking, figure head for the “Sock Puppet Nation”.  He bounces his wit off the more slowly moving, but lovable sidekick, Puppet “Y.”  The dichotomy of the two characters sets up a fun way to teach students about e-SAFETY topics.

Student Participation

Puppet “X” and Puppet “Y” encourage students to make their own sock puppets, share them on the site and become part of special videos with other puppet characters.  Various types of media will include:

  • Making special videos with student created puppets on various e-SAFETY topics
  • Interview specially selected students to talk about their online experiences and tips
  • Downloadable print material, cartoons, videos, and more!